Gas Fryers with Cabinet, 21L Maximize

Gas Fryers with Cabinet, 21L

• It is designed with deep cold zone that aids in the reduction of deteriorated
   and wasted oil by means of trapping crumbs beneath the cooking area.
• It has around 40%, significantly high thermal efficiency of 92,127 btu/hour input.
• For easy cleaning, the burner tubes are carefully positioned across the vat.
• It has a 1.5" ball-type drain valve with latch lock that prevents accidental scalding

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  • Stainless Steel Gas Fryer with Cabinet 
  • Ext. Dimension: 393mmL x 770mmW x 1180mmH
  • Temperature Range:  +  60°C to  +  195°C
  • Frying Area: 365mm x 350mm
  • Burner Rating: 92,127 Btu/Hr
  • Capacity: 21 Liters
  • No. of Burner: 3 burners
  • Net Wt.: 65 Kg
  • Accessories: Fry Basket, Rack, Oil Pipe